A poll by Deloitte with more than 10,000 millennials across 36 countries found that 43% of them are planning to leave their jobs within two years, while only 28% are looking to stay beyond five years.Read more of this story at Slashdot.
NBA Deputy Commissioner and COO Mark Tatum told CNBC his organization is looking to some Asian nations for growth.
hackingbear writes from a report via Quartz: According to Chinese venture capitalist and former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee, the list of countries well-positioned to embrace a future powered by artificial intelligence is exceedingly short: United States and China. "The countries that are not in good shape are the countries that have perhaps a large population, but no AI, no technologies, no
The EU should unite against U.S. tariffs, and it may retaliate alongside nations from outside Europe, one minister says.
A look at U.S. exports to at-risk nations could provide a sense of how the international community may retaliate.
Heavy tariffs on imports will come back to hurt U.S. if other countries move toward protectionism too.
Officials from four countries discussed how to influence the inexperienced Kushner, the Washington Post reported.
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