A poll by Deloitte with more than 10,000 millennials across 36 countries found that 43% of them are planning to leave their jobs within two years, while only 28% are looking to stay beyond five years.Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Generation X is quickly occupying the majority of business leadership roles.
An anonymous reader writes: China's relatively young internet industry is facing a mature-market problem: User growth for popular online services such as instant messaging, search, online news and video has fallen to single digits. Online population growth has hovered around 5% to 6% annually since 2014, which is only slightly higher than in mature economies. Unlike in many developed markets, a v
As travel bookings become ubiquitous digitally, one luxury travel firm is betting on growth in two categories.
DENVER (AP) -- Sales of outdoor equipment are slipping as millennials drive changes in U.S. consumer habits by favoring clothes and sporting goods that are less specialized and more versatile, analysts say....
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Jim Cramer described how younger generations are vetoing customer loyalty and changing the fabric of the stock market.
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