Technology can solve a lot of problems, says Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Microsoft’s head of accessibility.
Microsoft’s new $99 Xbox Adaptive Controller works with external buttons, joysticks, puff tubes and other specially-designed devices.
An anonymous reader shares a report: A study carried out at a college in the Philippines shows that students with better grades use bad passwords in the same proportion as students with bad ones. The study's focused around a new rule added to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guideline for choosing secure passwords -- added in its 2017 edition. The NIST recommendation was
Google's "Duplex" AI system was the most talked about product at Google I/O because it called into question the ethics of an AI that cannot easily be distinguished from a real person's voice. The service lets its voice-based digital assistant make phone calls and write emails for you, causing many to ask if the system should come with some sort of warning to let the other person on the line know
The 3D-printed skin can be used to cover and heal wounds.
An anonymous reader quotes Investor's Business Daily:Shares in Charter Communications plunged after the cable TV firm reported first quarter earnings and lost more video subscribers than expected, also sparking a sell-off in Comcast and Altice USA... Charter said it lost 122,000 video subscribers, nearly triple analyst predictions for a fall of 43,000. Comcast on Wednesday said it lost 96,000 vid
It's a small fraction of the user base for rivals like Google Chrome, but it's a big step up for a startup trying to improve privacy on an ad-funded web.
Workers say their Siberian town is doomed unless Moscow mitigates U.S. sanctions against aluminium giant Rusal.