A team of Imagineers will discuss Disney’s tech breakthroughs at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI, March 3 at UC Berkeley

With TC Sessions Robot+AI a little over a week away, you likely thought we were finished with our big announcements. Understandably. We have top executives from Amazon and Toyota Research, some of the hottest startups and biggest VCs. But there’s still some excitement left to announce.

On March 3, Disney will be returning to the event to discuss some of the breakthroughs the entertainment giant has been making around robotics for its theme parks. We’ll be joined by Disney Imagineers Dawson Dill, Selina Herman and Joe Mohos.

The trio have been working on using robotics to enhance rides at the park, blending physical trackless vehicles with other physical and virtual tools to transport riders both figuratively and literally. The team will discuss their latest breakthroughs in the space and the applications such technologies will have in entertainment and beyond.

Tickets are now available for $345 right here. Take advantage of this discounted pricing now as prices will go up soon! Students, book a super discounted $50 right now and get in on the action.

Join the TechCrunch team and 1000+ of today’s leading minds in robotics and artificial intelligence for this single-day conference. The event will feature great panels and fireside chats, breakout sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities. There will also be an expo hall packed full of startups looking for their big break and awesome hands-on demos for you to interact with.
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