Apple just signed deals for two movies. They star wolves and elephants – CNET

The films are the first to be acquired by Apple's worldwide video team.

Visiting the village where a WhatsApp rumor led to the deaths of 5 people – CNET

The lynchings in Rainpada, India, turned the village into a ghost town, BuzzFeed News reports.

More Mac apps are stealing and uploading your data, says report – CNET

Apps like Dr. Unarchiver and Dr. Cleaner were uploading users' browser history to their servers, according…

Uber diversity head says ‘culture change doesn’t happen overnight’ – CNET

Bo Young Lee says meaningful reform usually takes a few years.

Kelly Slater made the perfect wave… in a desert – CNET

Slater knows what surfers want, so he built a pool that creates the ultimate wave. It's…

Facebook ex-security chief says creating election chaos is ‘totally doable’ – CNET

Alex Stamos says the US will be in a "pretty bad place" if foreign interference continues…

Education, housing are ‘broken,’ says Chan Zuckerberg’s Priscilla Chan – CNET

The co-founder of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative says she wants to make the opportunities she had…

Lockheed Martin offers $250K prize for first AI drone to beat human pilot – CNET

More than $2 million in total prizes will be awarded to top teams in the AlphaPilot…

Juul is giving users tools to help them quit its e-cigs – CNET

A new connected Juul device that can track -- and limit -- a person's use will…

Saudi Arabia will punish satire online mocking ‘public order, religious values’ – CNET

Offenders could face up to five years in jail and an $800,000 fine.