Puerto Rico’s troubled utility is a goldmine for US contractors

Billions of dollars in contracts have been awarded to politically connected Americans, even as Puerto Ricans…

EPA said giving polluters a pass protected its workers. Its own union says that’s gaslighting.

Tensions are boiling over as the EPA looks to reopen regional offices.

Falling oil prices breathe new life into an old idea: Nationalize the industry

As Big Oil wobbles, is now the time to remove it as an obstacle to climate…

Not even a pandemic can stop Trump from pushing fossil fuels

Anything for Big Oil.

Utilities face pressure to stop shutting off services amid coronavirus pandemic

Companies are voluntarily halting disconnects over unpaid bills, but advocates warn there’s no legal obligation to…

California Representative Ro Khanna wants a public takeover of PG&E

"For-profit does not work."

House Democrats set to introduce first-of-its-kind climate refugee bill

The bill could help a future president deal with mass migrations tied to global warming.

2020 Democrats are still unclear on how to stop the next Flint water crisis

Few, if any, of the 20 presidential hopefuls at the Detroit debates offered a clear vision…

It’s official: The DNC is considering a climate debate

After sustained pressure from activist groups, the DNC decided Saturday to consider hosting a debate or…

Elizabeth Warren’s newest climate proposal is based on a WWII global aid package

The $2 trillion plan includes ramped-up funding for low-carbon technology and financial aid for climate efforts…