NASA kicks off Biden era with Steve Jurczyk, new acting administrator – CNET

Jurcyzk, who has a long history with NASA, takes over from former administrator Jim Bridenstine.

NASA spots frosty changes in grinning Mars ‘Happy Face Crater’ – CNET

Smile, Mars, you're on camera.

Life-size NASA Perseverance rover snow sculpture brings Mars to Earth – CNET

It's cold on Mars, and it's cold in Iowa.

During inauguration, ‘modern technology’ of fast photos wows politicians – CNET

Just wait until Congress discovers the existence of Polaroids.

Hear American Anthem, the patriotic song Biden quoted during inauguration – CNET

The lyrics from Gene Scheer's contemplative song anchored an address focused on unifying a divided country.

Scientists count elephants from space with satellites and computer smarts – CNET

The world's largest land animal is still hard to monitor in the wild, but satellites could…

Scientist calls fossilized assassin bug private parts ‘a rare treat’ – CNET

A stunningly well-preserved 50-million-year-old fossil is giving insights into insect history.

Rare, nearly complete fossil reveals ‘giant among Jurassic sharks’ – CNET

A absolute unit from ancient times.

NASA declares Mars lander InSight’s burrowing ‘mole’ is dead – CNET

Sleep tight, little mole. Your big dreams couldn't compete with Mars' crazy soil.

Scientists make ‘extraordinary’ find of electric eels hunting in a group – CNET

Electric eels acting like a pack of wolves.