Saturn’s ‘Death Star moon’ Mimas may be hiding an internal ocean – CNET

Darth Vader might want to pack a bathing suit.

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My bologna face mask has a first name.

See the ‘world’s largest cast iron skillet’ trucking down a highway – CNET

A company called Lodge Cast Iron could fry up 27 ostrich eggs in the monster pan.

NASA investigates ‘unusual’ carbon signature on Mars – CNET

Scientists aren't ruling out ancient biological life, but there are other possibilities, too.

These Lay’s chips are made from potatoes grown in soil from NFL stadiums – CNET

Can you taste the cleats and sweat?

NASA Mars rover set to do something the team ‘never imagined’ – CNET

A Mars rock sample collected by Perseverance is about to eat dirt.

Scientists in disbelief over discovery of world’s largest fish-breeding area – CNET

Researchers estimate 60 million icefish are hanging out in one ocean region of Antarctica.

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Luminous view of the space station above the Nile Delta in Egypt weaves threads of human…

Mars megaripples as tall as people show planet reshaping its landscape – CNET

Massive sandy ripples are on the move in the planet's north polar region.

NASA Mars lander goes into safe mode during large dust storm – CNET

The solar-powered lander is starving for some more sunlight.