Most of the time, Dr. Google has no idea what ails you

Online symptoms checkers get the right diagnosis only 36% of the time.

Scientists have created the world's first liquid metal lattice

A new liquid metal lattice can be returned to its original shape after being damaged.

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Why the rise of green chemistry matters

By following green chemistry, manufacturers can adopt new scientific processes to minimize the toll their products…

Moths are the unsung heroes of pollination

Moths visit flowers bees don't and carry pollen much farther.

Astronomers create an unprecedented portrait of Jupiter in infrared

Scientists use two telescopes and an aircraft to reveal Jupiter's stormy secrets.

Fisherman visits dolphin every day to make up for the missing tourists

Without humans visiting him, loneliness was starting to wear on this bottlenose dolphin.

Garter snakes form surprisingly strong, human-like friendships

New research finds eastern garter snakes prefer to spend their time with their friends, just like…

No fossil fuels are burned to run this jet engine

Engineers have developed a prototype for an engine that's fueled by microwaved air.

Behold, a sea of pink flamingos in Mumbai

Flamingos are making themselves comfortable in Mumbai, flocking there in greater numbers as humans are locked…