A suburb in Costa Rica gives citizenship to plants, trees, and bees

Green spaces are incorporated into urban planning in Curridabat, a suburb to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Even 400,000 years ago, the loss of animal species took a toll on humans

Prehistoric humans missed animals when they disappeared and even wondered how to get them back.

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Tour operators are using their down time to plant new corals in the Great Barrier Reef

Australian diving tour companies are working with scientists to restore the coral reefs.

Behold, the most detailed map of the moon ever created

50 years worth of data went into making this stunningly detailed moon map.

We can't lie to our kids about how stressed we are during this pandemic

New research finds that parents who suppress their anxiety actually transmit it to their kids.

New Zealand calls for thousands of new 'green' jobs in bold comeback plan

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This is why Zoom meetings are so exhausting

The human brain hasn't caught up to the technology of video conferencing yet.

Pakistan sees a surge in honey production

Pakistan is turning around its struggling honey industry with the addition of hundreds of trees.

The first gray wolf in more than 100 years may have returned to northern France

A surveillance camera may have captured an image of the elusive European gray wolf.