Snapchat and co-founder Evan Spiegel to get cinematic treatment – CNET

They'll be at the center of a video series from Quiby, the upcoming streaming service from…

DNC says Russian hackers hit it with phishing effort after midterms – CNET

The Democratic National Committee apparently hasn't lost its allure for Russia-linked hacking groups like Cozy Bear.

Gatwick airport drones incident leads to arrests – CNET

Police take a pair of people into custody after drones flew too close to the London…

Lime yanks some scooters from service over worry they can break apart – CNET

The e-scooter rental company says it's investigating concerns that the scooters can fall apart during rides.

Tesla’s Elon Musk settles with SEC, is out as board chair, will pay $20M – Roadshow

Musk will remain CEO and Tesla will separately pay another $20 million.

Fox will sell Sky stake to Comcast for about $15 billion – CNET

Traditional broadcasters are scrambling to strengthen their position against Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pens memo warning employees against bias – CNET

Pichai says the idea that Google alters search results to favor a political agenda is "absolutely…

Alex Jones’ Infowars banned from Apple App Store permanently – CNET

The lockout follows a similar ban by Twitter.

Trump tweets that social media firms discriminate against the right – CNET

The president accuses social media of "closing down the opinions" of conservatives.