Audi will make paying tolls simpler with its Integrated Toll Module – Roadshow

The device is built into the E-Tron's rearview mirror and is configurable through MMI.

Tesla Model S key fobs were vulnerable to a low-tech hack – Roadshow

Researchers from a Belgian university found the weakness and Tesla has already fixed the issue.

2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon: More tech and more fun – Roadshow

Ducati's air-cooled hooligan-mobile gets a bunch of new tech and ease-of-use updates for 2019.

Ducati’s midsize Scrambler Icon gets a major update – Roadshow

The motorbike adds big tech and rideability updates for 2019, including cornering ABS.

Tesla offers immediate delivery of Model 3 to select reservation holders – Roadshow

Tesla might be looking to free up some cash by getting cars to customers ahead of…

Chevy app uses family guilt to curb distracted driving – Roadshow

The Android app uses pre-recorded messages from friends and family to discourage distracted driving.

Kia reveals fancy Telluride SUV during New York Fashion Week – Roadshow

This special preproduction Telluride is kitted out with all kinds of off-roading goodies and it looks…

Lexus teases us with the LY 650 yacht because boats are cool, I guess? – Roadshow

The yacht will join the Lexus flagship vehicle lineup and be built in Wisconsin by Marquis-Larson.

The Mini Oxford Edition is a cheap new car just for college students – Roadshow

Despite its bargain price, buyers get a ton of standard features for their money.

Jaguar Land Rover wants to sell you infotainment for your classic car – Roadshow

JLR is offering five versions of its classic-looking system, including one touchscreen model.