‘Lost’ Picasso **** re-created, with help from AI – CNET

A painting from the artist's Blue Period concealed another. Now that work has come out of…

Watch a wild motorized house rotate a full 360 degrees – CNET

A man in Bosnia built the spinning house so his wife could enjoy for changing views.

See Homer and Marge Simpson walk the runway as Paris Fashion Week models – CNET

Luxury brand Balenciaga taps the residents of Springfield to show off its spring/summer collection for next…

If mummies had faces: Scientists use DNA to see how ancient Egyptians looked – CNET

Highly detailed 3D reconstructions reveal what three people may have looked like before being mummified.

A fly just got named after RuPaul. It better werk – CNET

Well halleloo!

Scenes from a Marriage: Jessica Chastain, Oscar Isaac elevate raw, intimate remake – CNET

Review: Hagai Levi's HBO adaptation of the Ingmar Bergman classic feels suffocating at times, but the…

Police raid unearths prehistoric flying reptile in remarkable condition – CNET

Stunning specimen found in Brazil is opening a window onto pterosaur predilections going back 115 million…

Viral ‘Apparently Kid’ video just got a pitch-perfect soundtrack – CNET

Apparently I could watch "The Apparently Kid -- the Mini Musical" on repeat all day.

The Karate Kid headed to stage as ‘world’s first karate action musical’ – CNET

Wax on, wax off, with jazz hands.

Grimes, Bon Iver and others want music to shock you awake to climate crisis – CNET

A new platform called Undercurrent aims to spark activism through interactive art.