OnlyFans CEO on why site is banning ****: ‘The short answer is banks’ – CNET

In an interview with the Financial Times, OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely says the site had no…

2 million government records exposed online in ‘no-fly’ watchlist, researcher says – CNET

A security researcher says the massive trove of records included names, birthdates and passport details.

OnlyFans kicks off promotional push for a ****-less app – CNET

Angling to become a new kind of Patreon, the company infamous for nudes widens its audience…

AMC will soon accept bitcoin for movie tickets – CNET

Apple Pay and Google Pay will also be accepted.

Twitter again suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for COVID misinformation – CNET

The suspension is the third such for the Georgia representative, and will last a week.

Senate report slams federal agencies over cybersecurity failures – CNET

An investigation finds eight federal agencies failed to implement baseline cybersecurity practices, leaving Americans' data vulnerable.

Black teen kicked out of skating rink after ****** recognition error – CNET

Misidentified, accused of brawling and then kicked out of a roller-skating rink -- the case of…

TikTok hits 3 billion downloads – CNET

And becomes the first non-Facebook mobile app to break the record.

Biden calls voting restrictions ‘unpatriotic’ but ‘not unprecedented’ – CNET

The president criticizes his predecessor's lie about a stolen election and the Supreme Court's recent ruling…

New dinosaur dropped: Iguanadon-like creature identified via Spanish jawbone find – CNET

Early Cretaceous ornithopods add a new relative to their ranks with Portellsaurus' debut.