Jon Stewart to host a brand new show for Apple TV+ – CNET

Five years on from The Daily Show, Jon Stewart is returning to screens.

Tony Awards: Aaron Tveit is the only nominee in his category. He could still lose. – CNET

Will Aaron Tveit pull a Steven Bradbury at the 2020 Tony Awards? Not necessarily.

Black holes emit signals like ‘chirps’ when they collide with each other – CNET

The chirps can be used to figure out the size and shape of each black hole.

Massive black hole collisions can ‘chirp’ twice, revealing their shape – CNET

The second chirp helps decipher some of the mysteries surrounding black hole mergers.

Fake turtle eggs inspired by Breaking Bad can spy on poachers – CNET

Some of the world's best drama TV serves as inspiration for a new device aimed at…

Extinct megalodon confirmed as the biggest fish in the sea – CNET

In case Jason Statham wasn't already nervous enough.

Scientists have figured out why some tarantulas are bright blue – CNET

The vivid color isn't just to make it look festive.

The first black hole ever photographed is apparently ‘wobbling’ – CNET

This supermassive black hole likes to wiggle.

New discovery confirms the Spinosaurus was a ‘water-dwelling, river monster’ – CNET

Found in an ancient river bed, a cache of teeth has sealed the deal.

Female whale sharks are officially the biggest fish in the sea – CNET

... that we know of.