Trump campaign website defaced in apparent hack – CNET

Defaced site claimed that classified information had been exposed.

Facebook reportedly prepping for possible post-election unrest – CNET

Internal tools will be used to slow the spread of viral content and suppress potentially inflammatory…

US has authority to ban TikTok, Trump administration says – CNET

Ban falls under president's powers to protect national security, government lawyers argue.

FBI: Iran, Russia obtained voter data to interfere with US elections – CNET

Both countries have obtained voter registration data, which Iran used to send emails to intimidate voters.

Facebook is testing a feature to help you connect with your neighbors – CNET

Nextdoor may soon have some serious competition.

Google search packs a surprise kick for Pelé’s birthday – CNET

Have a ball while learning about the man widely considered the greatest soccer player of all…

Twitter revises policy on posting hacked materials after Hunter Biden story – CNET

Materials will be allowed, as long as the hacker or those involved in the hack didn't…

Twitter says massive outage caused by ‘inadvertent’ systems change – CNET

Users complained of feeds not updating and the inability to send tweets.

Twitter obscures Trump tweet claiming he’s immune to coronavirus – CNET

Tweet hidden for spreading misinformation about the disease.

Microsoft reportedly planning app for Xbox Game Pass to get around Apple rules – CNET

Apple banned the service for not following the company's guidelines.