Apple knocks Facebook with shutdown over app privacy flap – CNET

The social network was paying people, including teens, $20 a month to collect their data. Apple…

Japan to check 200M devices for security risks as 2020 Olympics nears – CNET

A government institute will randomly try to sign into devices using common passwords but won't actually…

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The film follows a high school senior as she struggles with her identity in a traditional…

In China, you can now stalk blacklisted debtors on WeChat – CNET

The country has been testing a mini program in the province of Hebei since last week.

Scientists find a way to add the smelly, thorny ‘king of fruit’ to sweets – CNET

Get that great durian taste without that terrible durian smell.

Google cracks down on apps that want access to your text and call logs – CNET

2019 begins with more data control for you.

Huawei sacks employee arrested for allegedly spying for China – CNET

The China-based phone maker dismisses its sales director for public-sector clients in Poland who was arrested…

Facebook in violation of new cybersecurity law, says Vietnam – CNET

The social network's alleged refusal to remove offensive content against the government has put it in…

Elon Musk’s Tesla ready for ‘groundbreaking’ Shanghai gigafactory – Roadshow

The facility is set to be completed this summer, the Tesla CEO tweeted ahead of the…

Lenovo staff loses company-issued laptop… and colleagues’ data – CNET

Their names, salary figures and bank account numbers are now at risk.