As ticks spread, the US is getting closer to understanding the true extent of Lyme disease

A revised CDC reporting system led to a 70 percent increase in reported cases of Lyme…

All That Rain Is Driving Up Cases of a Deadly Fungal Disease in California

Valley fever is thriving as California swings widely between drought and flooding.

Intensifying atmospheric rivers are leading to a surge in Valley fever cases in California

The fungal pathogen is thriving as the Golden State bounces between drought and flooding.

EPA finalizes new standards for deadly particulate matter

The restrictions on soot pollution will prevent thousands of premature deaths every year. Industry groups say…

Climate change will **** 14.5 million people globally by 2050 — but mostly not directly

A recent report also projects $12.5 trillion in economic losses and $1.1 trillion in healthcare costs…

Climate change has killed 4 million people since 2000 — and that’s an underestimate

“Nobody is counting it, and nobody is moving in the direction of counting it.”

How climate disasters hurt adolescents’ mental health

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The link between climate change and a spate of rare disease outbreaks in 2023

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The hidden death toll of flooding in Bangladesh sends a grim signal about climate and health

New research links more than 150,000 infant deaths to 30 monsoons in the South Asian country.

At COP28, world leaders turn a belated spotlight on human health

Climate health experts applauded the milestone but emphasized the need to phase out fossil fuels.