Planet Nine may be an angry army of asteroids

New research suggests Planet Nine isn't responsible for all the weirdness in our solar system.

Miss America, now run by women, nixes bikinis

The new leadership of the Miss America pageant does away with bikinis and evening gown competitions…

Chile joins worldwide push to ban plastic bags

The South American nation joins 50 other countries taking steps to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

Why are older voters more conservative?

Poor people die earlier, leaving the old rich white dudes to skew the vote.

Record number of mountain gorillas found in Virunga region

The mountain gorilla population is rebounding in the Virunga Volcanoes Region, according to census results announced…

How the moon's gravity influences Earth

Without the moon, life we as know it probably wouldn't exist.

Where does the term 'cold turkey' come from?

The phrase 'cold turkey' has nothing to do with a turkey that's shivering from the cold.

Why do doctors take women's pain less seriously?

Men are more likely to get pain medication — and get it faster — than women.

These popular mushrooms are carnivorous

Oyster mushrooms are one of the few fungi that hunt prey. And that fact may help…

Learning how to fix bicycles is opening new career paths for teens

Project Bike Tech offers students diverse skills and options when they leave high school.