Juelz Santana Reveals the Truth About His “Missing Teeth” in Dipset Video

Juelz Santana made headlines over the weekend and became the butt of many jokes after a screengrab from Dispet’s “Sauce Boyz” video seemingly showed him with a row of missing top front teeth.

Twitter, of course, responded with a bunch of jokes, memes and questions:

The internet’s biggest troll, 50 Cent, even got in on the fun:

Instagram Photo

This isn’t the first time Juelz’s teeth (or lack of teeth) have been a topic of discussion either.

Last year, Dispet appeared on TRL with DC Young Fly, and viewers were concerned about the “Mic Check” rapper’s grill—most notably, his bottom teeth were gone, and you could clearly see it.

Well, after getting roasted for appearing to not have any top teeth in Dipset’s new “Sauce Boyz” video, Juelz Santana is finally setting the record straight.

He took to the ‘gram to post a selfie of him showing off his pearly white smile:

Instagram Photo

The photo’s original caption (according to The Shade Room) said “Good Photoshop But, Next…” but he later updated it to “Next…”

Whether he has veneers, implants or dentures remains to be seen… but Juelz wants everyone to know that he does have “teeth.”

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