LAPD Investigating Death Of Sexually Abused Pit Bull

We have seen a lot of cruel, disgusting behavior in our time on the Internet. This is... something else.

Last week, the police-founded dog rescue group Ghetto Rescue posted a heartbreaking story about a pit bull named Cargo who was found abused and despite hopes to the contrary, later died of her injuries.

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Cargo was adopted on July 23 in Orange County and found two weeks later on the street with a rope tied around her neck, having suffered -- and we can't believe we're writing this -- sexual abuse.

Despite lack of obvious external injury, an exam showed a ruptured aorta, suggesting trauma to the chest area. There were also signs of vaginal trauma.

The sad story quickly went viral. And now the LAPD has taken up the case.

Detective Al Erkelens of the Animal Cruelty Task Force told the Orange County Register:

"There are two possible crimes, bestiality which is a misdemeanor, and intentional injury to the dog that was meant to inflict pain, suffering or death to the dog."

We still can't believe this is even a thing. But Det. Erkelens says:

"Sexual assaults with dogs does occur. Most cases are reported either because they are seen or someone tells someone about it."

We hope they find this sicko and Cargo gets some justice.

Read the whole story from Ghetto Rescue (below):

Sad update, we really are having a difficult time writing this one. 💔 Cargo passed away about one hour ago, and we are in tears. We were all so hopeful, as were you. She was comfortable, and on pain medication. The only thing we can be thankful for is she did not die on the sidewalk alone. Other than her vaginal trauma nothing was obviously wrong. No scrapes or abrasions. When we got the desperate plea last night, GRFF gal D left home to pick up Precious Cargo. Although she was not walking D managed to lift her into her car and get her help. The Veterinary office was closed last night but employees left home and opened up to care for Cargo. Donors started chipping in for her treatment and foster offers were coming in. Thank you PCC. We asked for a necropsy to determine what exactly caused her suffering. She had no external injuries and none were seen in xray. While writing this post we were informed that her aorta was ruptured. Vet suspects trauma to the chest area. We know based on her sad demeanor she was mistreated in the short time she was out of the shelter. We are sorry but we can not reply to each individual comment on social media, but know we are reading your caring and passionate comments. We appreciate you and your fire! If you would like us to refund your donation please send us an email. We are going to pay her bill, pay for her to be cremated and we are taking a medical bully breed from the shelter this week in honor of Cargo. Cargo please rest in peace with all of our other special GRFF dogs. *She was chipped and had been adopted July 23rd from the Orange County Shelter. We contacted the person who was listed as the adopter but the person we reached out to is not the adopter. We will be contacting the OC shelter too. #grffpreciouscargo #RIP #sad #tears #abused #losangelesdogrescue #abc7eyewitness #grff #ghettorescue #dog #pibble #justiceforcargoA post shared by GhettoRescue (@ghettorescue) on Aug 7, 2018 at 11:18am PDT

[Image via Ghetto Rescue/Instagram.]

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