Rachel Bloom Expertly Claps Back At Neil Patrick Harris After He Tweet Critiques Her Tonys Backstage Hosting!

Neil Patrick Harris, meet Rachel Bloom. Again.

On Sunday, the Series of Unfortunate Events star was on Twitter riffing about the Tony Awards broadcast -- like any good former host would -- when he made a mildly shady remark about the top-hatted woman hosting from the Tonys backstage.

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He tweeted:

Well, Neil wouldn't be confused for long.

Turns out, that woman in the top hat was none other than the star of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, who responded to Neil's tweet listing off just a few reasons as to why he should know who she is. She wrote:

Does that jog your memory, Neil!?

Apparently, it did! Feeling the sting of Bloom's clap back, the How I Met Your Mother alum tried to recover with a peaceful response:

Never forget the name Rachel Bloom. If you do, she'll remind you!

To be fair, Bloom wasn't the only part of the show the actor took issue with. Seems like he was upset about a few things that night, as he tweeted:


[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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