RedrumSociety’s New Single “Seeing Things” Projected to Top Billboard Rock Charts

RedrumSociety, led by singer/guitarist Zach Cohen, is an award-winning South Florida original band who for the past few years has enjoyed performing frequently in local shows. RedrumSociety‘s frontman has led the band since he was in high school. During a dark period In 2015, Zach’s personal collapse led to the band’s demise. In 2016, he began to turn his life around and relaunched the band in 2018. The band has quickly seen more and more success, with their “Street Fights” EP reaching number 1 on the iTunes Blues charts, and more recently, their first Billboard recognition through their single, “All Night,” which peaked at the No. 22 spot on the Billboard charts. According to the rock superstar, “Seeing Things” is about participating in infidelity in a relationship. In the song, the singer is denying his actions by gaslighting his girlfriend, claiming her suspicions are brought on by her insecurities and guilt. Whether or not the singer is guilty of infidelity is left open-ended and ambiguous in the song’s lyrics. “Seeing Things” is smooth and dark with a chorus that has southern rock vibes, while also resembling a modern-day Tom Petty feel. A perfect addition to your popular playlists, RedrumSociety’s “Seeing Things” is a story that his fans relate to and is quickly picking up steam on all major platforms. Listen to RedrumSociety’s “Seeing Things” on iTunes and Apple Music! Production Credits: Sejo Nevajas, Zach Cohen Upcoming Live Shows: Next show is on August 28th in Delray Beach. RedrumSociety’s New Single “Seeing Things” Projected to Top Billboard Rock Charts is a post from: Gossip On This - Pop Culture, News & Videos

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