Trym adds crop steering to its cannabis seed-to-sale platform

Crop steering turns growing carrots or cannabis from an art into a science. Indoor growers have long turned to this practice to improve yields, which involves precisely controlling and manipulating three variables: light, climate and irrigation. If tweaked properly, growers can force taller plants, larger flowers and quicker grow times.

Today Trym is announcing it’s adding crop steering analytics to its seed-to-sale software product. With the addition of this new function, Trym offers cultivators a complete package that tracks a cannabis plant from seed to harvest while maintaining regulatory compliance with Metrc. And it does so while providing detailed data on its growth through crop steering. Trym’s crop steering function utilizes third-party hardware. Devices from Growlink and Trolmaster offer APIs, which feed Trym the data on the plant’s environmental conditions. Other crop steering products traditionally require growers to use dedicated hardware with their platforms. “In addition to the market attention that crop steering has gained recently, there’s a gap in the industry for software providing both crop steering capabilities paired with comprehensive operational and compliance management tools,” says Karen Mayberry, CMO and co-founder of Trym. “Cultivators have attempted to use software provided by sensor companies to analyze data needed for crop steering, but with limited success due to the lacking functionality of these tools.” Trym’s product is designed to give commercial cannabis growers deep insights into their operations. The platform aims to replace the multiple apps and spreadsheet tracking cultivators often use. The company was founded in 2018 and raised a $3.1 million seed round in 2020.

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