Trailrunner7 writes: Security issues continue to crop up within the so-called "smart home." A pair of vulnerabilities have been reported for the Tuxedo Touch controller made by Honeywell, a device that's designed to allow users to control home systems such as security, climate control, lighting, and others. The controller, of course, is accessible from the Internet. Researcher Maxim Rupp discover
An anonymous reader writes: A NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV modified to run Ubuntu Linux is providing interesting data on how NVIDIA's latest "Tegra X1" 64-bit ARM big.LITTLE SoC compares to various Intel/AMD/MIPS systems of varying form factors. Tegra X1 benchmarks on Ubuntu show strong performance with the X1 SoC in this $200 Android TV device, beating out low-power Intel Atom/Celeron Bay Trail SoCs
An anonymous reader writes: People should be allowed to delete embarrassing social media posts when they reach adulthood, UK internet rights campaigners are urging. The iRights coalition has set out five rights which young people should expect online, including being able to easily edit or delete content they have created, and to know who is holding or profiting from their information. Highlighti
Investors throughout China are waiting for the government to step in and buy stocks, but many are losing hope.
States that expanded Medicaid programs saw bigger gains in insured rates, and access to doctors and medicines.
Presidential hopeful Chris Christie tells CNBC's John Harwood that Donald Trump would not be an effective president.
After going nowhere for the last 18 months, analysts became accustomed to not expect much from Google's stock. Not anymore.
In the fast-food fight for customer spending, the restaurant giant is struggling.