An anonymous reader writes: Samsung is being sued in China for installing too many apps onto its smartphones. The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission is also suing Chinese vendor Oppo, demanding that the industry do more to rein in bloatware. The group said complaints are on the rise from smartphone users who are frustrated that these apps take up too much storage and download data wit
Several outlets report that Julian Assange has requested, but been denied, political asylum in France, by means of an open letter published by Le Monde.From The Globe and Mail's coverage, linked above: Less than an hour after his letter was published by Le Monde's website, Hollande's office issued a statement saying the asylum request was rejected. "France has received the letter from Mr. Assange
Hallie Siegel writes: Ever wonder how they make robots look so awesomely real in movies? Visual effects expert Graham Edwards goes behind the scenes with the makers of Robot Overlords to take you through the development of the robots in this movie, from script development and sketches, to filming and post FX. Really cool to see how these robots come to life.
A defect in certain Ford models can lead to engines staying on after the ignition key is turned to the "off" position and removed.
The situation is so bad for Greece, the IMF said, the government needs 51.9 billion euro between October 2015 and December 2018.
Thousands of Grateful Dead fans are flocking to Chicago for the band's 50th anniversary reunion show. CNBC's Steve Liesman reports live from Soldier Field to discuss how fans without tickets can still be a part of the experience.
Bebe is getting back to its roots as a destination for more than short skirts and rhinestones.
Nothing says red, white and blue like green. And with the 4th of July landing on a Saturday, Americans will be spending plenty.