Tiny plastic debris is accumulating far beneath the ocean surface

Floating trash patches scratch only the surface of the ocean microplastic pollution problem.

Gut bacteria may change the way many drugs work in the body

A new survey of interactions between microbes and medications suggests that gut bacteria play a crucial…

A new optical atomic clock’s heart is as small as a coffee bean

Optical atomic clocks are extremely good at keeping time, and they’re on their way to becoming…

Emissions of a banned ozone-destroying chemical have been traced to China

Since 2013, eastern China has increased its annual emissions of a banned chlorofluorocarbon by about 7,000…

China’s lunar rover may have found minerals from the moon’s mantle

The Chang’e-4 mission spotted material on the lunar surface that appears to contain bits originating from…

AI can learn real-world skills from playing StarCraft and Minecraft

By playing StarCraft and Minecraft, artificial intelligence is learning how to collaborate and adapt.

A new AI acquired humanlike ‘number sense’ on its own

A new artificial intelligence seems to share our intuitive ability to estimate numbers at a glance.

A tiny mystery dinosaur from New Mexico is officially T. rex’s cousin

A newly identified dinosaur species called Suskityrannus hazelae fills a gap in tyrannosaur lineage.

Antimatter keeps with quantum theory. It’s both particle and wave

A new variation of the classic double-slit experiment confirms that antimatter, like normal matter, has wave-particle…

An AI used art to control monkeys’ brain cells

Art created by an artificial intelligence exacts unprecedented control over nerve cells tied to vision in…