The environmental justice fight to block the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti claims hosting the 2028 Olympics will have “no impact” on the…

US Steel was fined $1.2 million for polluting Lake Michigan. Then it polluted the lake again.

The Indiana facility's spill interrupted drinking water processing and forced the closure of nearby beaches.

When the earth shakes in South LA, the results can be toxic

Friday's earthquake underscored the deadly risks in a region defined by both natural disasters and the…

Floods, power outages, no running water: Jails during Hurricane Ida

Louisiana plans extensively for hurricanes -- but not for protecting its 50,000 residents behind bars.

Report: To close the park access gap, open up schoolyards

Opening up schoolyards to the public would give 20 million more Americans access to a park.

Study: Indigenous resistance has staved off 25% of U.S. and Canada’s annual emissions

That's the pollution equivalent of approximately 400 new coal-fired power plants.

Hurricane Ida shows how New Orleans is still trying to police its way out of disasters

The city elevated an “anti-looting” task force without mentioning how police would offer supportive services as…

Hurricane Ida and the coming eviction crisis

Hurricane Ida turned thousands out of their homes. The Supreme Court might make it worse.

Sierra Club and Sunrise Movement react to criticism for toxic workplace cultures

Both groups say they've recommitted to supporting communities facing the brunt of the climate crisis.

The EPA just ordered this Illinois city to fix its sewage problem — again

Cahokia Heights has been ordered to control its sewage overflows, but finding the money to do…