Study: Wildfire smoke is reversing years of US air quality progress

“We are seeing influence in states that basically have none of their own wildfires."

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A new study underscores an enduring nuclear legacy as Japan releases wastewater from Fukushima into the…

As Japan releases Fukushima wastewater into the ocean, Pacific Islanders are reminded of a never-ending nuclear legacy

Indigenous communities worry the decision will compound existing health disparities.

Locals have been sounding the alarm for years about Lahaina wildfire risk

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Hawaiʻi’s youth-led climate change lawsuit is going to trial next summer

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Federal agencies often neglect U.S. territories. New legislation aims to fix that.

The bill would bolster expertise in territories as island communities face increasing threats from climate change.

Mercury pollution is worsening a mental health crisis in this Indigenous community

"Our way of life has been totally destroyed.”