Facebook launched a new climate information hub. Here’s how activists reacted.

As you might expect, not everyone is pleased.

California inmates fight fires for pennies. Now they have a path to turn pro.

A new bill makes it possible for them to obtain the state license necessary to work…

Oregon’s air quality is so far beyond ‘hazardous’ that no one knows what it means for health

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Parks combat summer heat. But not everyone has equal access.

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For unavoidable plastic waste, there are no good options.

This ‘solution’ to the plastic crisis is really just another way to burn fossil fuels

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The curse of ‘both-sidesism’: How climate denial skewed media coverage for 30 years

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Does the government’s food waste reduction plan pass the sniff test?

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Dietary guidelines have a blind spot: Future generations

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This makeup ingredient could destroy 99% of ‘forever chemicals’

"It wasn't supposed to work."