Petrochemical companies have known for 40 years that plastics recycling wouldn’t work

New documents show how they promoted it anyway.

1 in 5 UN-tracked migratory species at risk of extinction

A new report highlights solutions that would also address climate change.

Chemicals used in plastic food packaging linked to 10% of preterm births in 2018

The resulting costs to society could be as high as $8 billion.

Plastic bag bans have already prevented billions of bags from being used, report finds

“The bottom line is that plastic bag bans work.”

Bottled water has up to 100 times more plastic particles than previously thought

New research shows that every liter of bottled water contains 240,000 microscopic pieces of plastic.

A plastic chemical caused a toxic mess in Ohio last year. Now, the EPA is eyeing regulation.

Environmental advocates say a phaseout of vinyl chloride is long overdue.

In France, zero-waste experiments tackle a tough problem: People’s habits

Local initiatives in Roubaix and Nouvelle-Aquitaine try different strategies for waste reduction — and behavior change.

Plastic credits are supposed to support new cleanup projects. Do they?

Critics say they won’t work, for one of the same reasons carbon credits haven’t.

Small victories and major frustrations mark latest round of plastics treaty negotiations

"Intransigent" negotiators stalled efficient progress, raising questions about the path forward.

New York calls PepsiCo’s plastic pollution a ‘public nuisance’ in first-of-its-kind lawsuit

The company's packaging was found to be the most significant contributor to plastic waste clogging the…