Ocean oil pollution is growing — and not from oil spills

Cars and highways are among the top contributors to ocean oil pollution, study finds.

Schools are harnessing solar power in record numbers

Solar arrays offer cost savings and educational opportunities.

Minneapolis is the latest US city to demand emissions-free shipping

The city, where Target is headquartered, is pressuring big brands to “abandon fossil-fueled ships.”

Against federal guidance, states plan to expand highways

A new report says money from the infrastructure package could be funneled to “highway boondoggles.”

Hawai’i shuts down its last coal plant

The move is a “major milestone” in the state’s clean energy transition.

The problem with corporate pledges to protect abortion access and the climate

"Companies don’t do anything out of the goodness of their hearts."

The petrochemical industry is convincing states to deregulate plastic incineration

A new report finds that bills to loosen restrictions on so-called “chemical recycling” are on the…

Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act into law

It’s the single biggest climate package in U.S. history.

Massachusetts’ Republican governor signs far-reaching climate bill into law

It’s “a big f****ing deal.”

200 million acres of forest cover have been lost since 1960

“Unprecedented” logging, mining, and agricultural expansion are razing forests faster than they can replenish, report finds.