A ‘Warehouse’ By Any Other Name

How outdated zoning codes are fueling the sprawl of e-commerce warehouses.

In an East Coast first, New Jersey will phase out diesel trucks

New Jersey joins California, Oregon, and Washington in setting ambitious goals to electrify trucks by 2035.

Coal isn’t dying yet. 2021 brought a record surge in use.

As much of the world emerged from lockdown, coal stepped in to meet energy needs.

The wealthiest people on the planet are responsible for almost half of carbon emissions

Yet climate policies disproportionally affect the middle and lower class.

Biden orders federal government to become carbon neutral by 2050

The country’s largest land owner, energy consumer, and employer aims to reduce its carbon emissions by…

Major fashion brands linked to deforestation in the Amazon, report finds

Obscure supply chains connect at least 100 companies to illegal logging and land clearing in Brazil.

Energy company cancels $2.5 billion oil export terminal in Louisiana

The project faced stiff opposition from residents, who argued it would have destroyed a historic *****…

Indigenous leaders left COP26 disappointed, but celebrating ‘small wins’

Indigenous groups reflect on what they won — and lost — at COP26.

Report: The renewable future is being built on exploitation, too

Fossil fuel companies have long been criticized for violating human rights. Turns out the renewable energy…

Banks pledged $130 trillion for climate action. Activists aren’t impressed.

Some activists believe financial institutions’ most recent climate promises are just more greenwashing.